Cavendish Pianos & Lincoln College - Education Partnership

Education Partnership

Cavendish Pianos is partnering with The Piano School at Lincoln College. The Piano school is the last remaining place where piano technology is taught in Britain. 
We believe it is vitally important to keep piano making skills alive in the UK. Only here can students have passed down to them the necessary specialised education in the practical skills of piano tuning, repair and building.
Cavendish pianos supports The Piano School and offers education days, work placement, training and employment. 

Course Description

The Piano School is the UK centre of excellence for piano tuning, restoration and repair, designed for those who wish to work in the piano industry as a tuner or technician. This 2 year course is designed to prepare successful learners with the skills needed to join the piano trade. It develops skills, techniques and understanding to a level based on commercial standards of quality and time.
This course builds on the basic level 2 course and covers more advanced aspects of piano tuning on both upright and grand pianos. It also includes everything from minor maintenance tasks typically performed on a customer's piano, to full workshop restoration and refurbishment.
The course is workshop based and is involves demonstrations becoming more self directed as concepts and techniques are practised. Main elements include: upright and grand piano fine tuning, restringing, action (hammer mechanism) overhaul of upright and grand pianos, setting up and regulating, case restoration and polishing. This level includes the study of acoustics and prepares students for employment or self employment by introducing basic business planning and practices.